It’s not just that the Olympics have a terrible track record for covering the games, it’s also that the NFL has a terrible record for getting the NFL on board with covering them.

That’s the finding of an investigation by the nonprofit Sports Business Journal that found the league has a history of being the least likely to accept the findings of other sports’ experts when it comes to concussion-related problems.

The report found the NFL had a history, beginning with the 1980s, of not accepting or responding to peer-reviewed research and medical experts’ findings when it came to the health and safety of its players.

The study, which was commissioned by the National Football League Players Association and the NFL Players Association, also found that the league is not doing enough to ensure that its players are fully protected during the games.

The NFL is in the middle of a lockout that will end at the end of the season.

Its players have been protesting and taking to the streets in a wave of protests against the lockout.

The lockout is set to end on Sept. 9 and, in a bid to end the demonstrations, the NFL announced on Wednesday that the teams will play a two-game exhibition series in Pittsburgh and Indianapolis beginning Sept. 10.

But the report said that the NHL has been slow to accept and respond to peer reviews.

It found that there was no standardization of the concussion protocols used by the NHL.

The NHL did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The league has had more than a dozen concussion-awareness campaigns.

And a number of players have filed lawsuits seeking compensation from the league over its concussion policies.

“There are more than 60,000 players in the NHL and not one of them is getting the attention he or she deserves,” said Peter Gehrke, the president of the New York-based Sports Medicine Association.

The only way you’re going to solve this problem is through collective bargaining. “

You can’t expect that to be fixed by a collective bargaining agreement.

In a recent memo, the NHL said that “while we are confident that the recommendations made in this report are relevant to our current situation, we will be evaluating them as they are applied in the context of the current situation.” “

If we don’t have a protocol in place for this, it will take time for other players to come forward.”

In a recent memo, the NHL said that “while we are confident that the recommendations made in this report are relevant to our current situation, we will be evaluating them as they are applied in the context of the current situation.”

The report noted that the leagues concussion protocols are not universally recognized and that the most commonly used protocol was developed in the 1980, and then, only recently, updated in the 2010s.

It said that players and trainers had reported that they were unable to participate in practices, games and other training programs.

And the report found that “in the past few years, the vast majority of NHL players who have been concussed have had some form of concussion or symptom during training and competition.”

It added that the “most common symptoms observed in athletes with a concussion were fatigue, nausea, dizziness, headache and/or confusion.”

A recent study by the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, which has been tracking concussion rates and cases since 2003, found that nearly half of the concussions reported in the United States in 2011 were concussions sustained by players.

“A study of Canadian football players who participated in the 2012 season found that an average of three-quarters of the players had sustained a concussion,” the report says.

“Concussions have been a topic of considerable controversy in recent years with some claiming they are the cause of many of the injuries that have plagued the game.”

The study also found an “epidemic” of concussions in the NFL.

It’s also a subject of some controversy because of the way the league’s rules governing concussions were written in the past.

“While the NFL’s Concussion Protocol is the most stringent in the history of the game, there have been many changes made over the years that have resulted in an increasingly stricter and more severe interpretation of the protocol,” the study says.

The review found that several players have lost their lives during the protests and the lockout in recent months.

The players have included players who were killed in violent incidents during the riots in Baltimore, Ferguson, St. Louis and elsewhere.

Some have died of asphyxiation, some from heart attacks.

The concussion crisis has been linked to the NFL lockout, with some players alleging it contributed to the deaths of players.

In a statement, the league said that it “has been working closely with the league and has made some significant changes over the last year and a half to address the concussion protocol.

Our efforts to improve the protocols have been successful and we are pleased with the progress we have made in improving the protocols for concussions.”

The NFL has been under heavy criticism in recent weeks for failing to take action on player safety

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