A new sports car, a big step for Toyota.

The Japanese company says it has won a big win with its new Supra, a sporty hybrid that combines a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with electric motors.

It will compete in the 2018 Tokyo Auto Show, which kicks off in two weeks.

Toyota says it won’t be releasing the car until next year.

Toyota has had a hard time finding a way to make electric vehicles more affordable in recent years.

It’s been one of the biggest carmakers to make an electric version of its Prius, which has sold for around $70,000.

A big win for Toyota is that the Supra will offer buyers a more luxurious car than they could get with an EV, a huge win for the Japanese firm.

The Supra has a range of 155 kilometres on a single charge, compared to the Prius’ range of 60.

But the car’s biggest selling point is that it is the first of its kind, Toyota says.

It’s the first sports car to offer electric motors that run on electricity.

The Supra is powered by four electric motors, each with a maximum output of 7,000 kilowatts, and can reach 60 kilometres per hour on a charge.

That is a huge improvement on what you’d get with a conventional petrol engine.

This will give you a range that will outrun a conventional sports car.

For the first time, the Supras battery will not come loaded with hydrogen, Toyota claims.

As the name suggests, the battery is made of magnesium, the same material that makes up many lithium-ion batteries in cars and trucks.

Electrics can help Toyota get a competitive edge over the competition, Toyota promises.

Its new engine will offer a very low centre of gravity.

While the Suprumas electric motor is the same as that of the Priuses, the car has a different shape.

Instead of a flat block and cylinder block, the new Supruma is a cylinder head with two chambers, with one of them being a big, flat block.

The big block is connected to a motor, which produces torque from the crankshaft.

To help the engine make more power, the two cylinders will have a larger displacement than the ones in the Prios.

Like a conventional car, the wheels will be lightweight, and they’ll have a longer wheelbase than a sports car’s.

Electric motors are also lighter and can be driven continuously for longer distances than petrol-powered engines.

They can also be used as a power source, unlike traditional petrol engines, where the gasoline burns at the end of the power stroke to provide the energy.

At 200 kilowatt hours, the motor is a lot like that of an average gasoline-powered car.

Toyota will be producing an additional 200kW of power, and its new engines will be able to do that.

When fully charged, the electric motor can reach 100 kilometres per charge.

The car will then be able reach the maximum range of a petrol-electric car.

It is expected to sell for around 60,000 yen (about $82,000) when it hits dealerships in 2018.

We’ll see how it fares against a sports-utility vehicle like the Prio and other vehicles, but this is a significant step forward for the company.

Even though the Supramas range is impressive, it is not quite as long as the current Toyota Prius.

“It is the most advanced hybrid on the market, and we’re looking forward to using it in many other applications,” said Kazuo Yamamoto, chief executive officer of Toyota Motor, in a statement.

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