The Toronto Maple Leafs have a well-deserved reputation for making great jerseys.

Last season, they were among the best sellers of the NHL.

This season, however, they’re showing their age, and their jersey designs seem to be starting to look a little dated. 

A look at some of the top-selling jerseys from last season:Toronto Blue Jays – Blue Jays jerseys are always the best, but this season the Blue Jays look a bit out of date with their blue-and-white jerseys.

The jersey designs have aged quite a bit, though.

The Toronto Blue Jays are among the top sellers of jerseys in the NHL this season.

(Getty Images)The Montreal Canadiens – The Canadiens are one of the best selling NHL teams of all-time, with an average sales of more than 8 million jerseys a year.

This year, however they’re looking a little old, and this is probably why they’re starting to sell less jerseys. 

The Montreal Alouettes – Montreal’s jersey designs are a bit dated.

This could be because the team’s uniforms are looking a bit more dated than they used to.

Montreal Canadiens’ jersey designs look a tad dated.

(AP Photo/David Richard) New York Islanders – Islanders jerseys are a little out of place in 2017, and even their new jerseys don’t seem as great as they used at times last year.

New York Yankees – New York’s jersey design is looking outdated.

This year, the Yankees have also been losing sales of their jersey, and it’s starting to feel like they’re trying to get in on the trend of losing fans.

The Minnesota Wild – Minnesota’s jerseys look dated.

The team is currently the best-selling team in the league, but that has been tarnished by a disappointing season.

Minnesota Wild jersey designs.

(Scott Olmos/Getty Images for ESPN)The New York Rangers – The Rangers have been looking very good recently, but their jersey design looks a bit outdated.

(USA Today)The Pittsburgh Penguins – Penguins jerseys look like they’ve been in use for a while now, and they’re looking pretty dated.

Pittsburgh Penguins jersey designs looked like they were in use a few years ago.

(Associated Press)The Minnesota Lynx – It’s hard to tell if the Lynx jerseys look outdated.

The Lynx used to have the biggest jersey market share of any NHL team in 2017.

It’s not a big deal, but the jerseys are still one of their best sellers, and fans are paying for them.

The Predators – Predators jerseys look a touch dated.

Nashville is one of just a few teams with jerseys that look like their jerseys were in their prime in the early 1990s.

Predators jerseys look pretty dated in 2017 (Getty)The Winnipeg Jets – Winnipeg’s jersey is one-dimensional.

The Jets are still the best seller of jerseys, but fans are buying less of them.

Winnipeg Jets jerseys look one-dimensional in 2017 (Getty Images: Mark Leffingwell) The New Jersey Devils – Devils jerseys look out of touch, and the jersey designs aren’t as impressive as they were last year when they were at their best.

NY Islanders The Islanders jersey design, like the rest of the team, looks dated.(AP Photo)The Buffalo Sabres – Sabres jerseys are looking old.

Buffalo is still the top seller of the league.

(Ryan Garza/Getty)In general, the jerseys that are the best sell in the market have a solid history of selling well.

However, the team that’s looking to sell more than ever in 2017 seems to have found a niche for themselves.

The teams that are selling well have a lot of good-looking jerseys that have a history of being a hit, and these teams are the ones that fans are looking for to buy in 2018.

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