The 2019 Broncos sport is a big step forward in terms of design and innovation, but will it be viewed as a new, modern sports car?

In the US, we’re already familiar with the Nissan GT-R, Porsche 911 and Jaguar XE.

However, the 2019 version of the Bronco is going to be a lot more interesting.

It’s the first Bronco to receive a rear wing.

It’ll be the first model in the series to have a fully aerodynamic rear wing, a feature that was first seen on the Jaguar XJR.

The 2019 version will be the only Bronco with a rear-winged rear wheel.

The Bronco will also be the model in which the front wheels are wider than the rear.

That’s because the new wing was designed to help the vehicle absorb impacts and help improve traction.

The car is expected to weigh 1,000 kilograms (2,865 pounds), which is slightly lighter than the XJR and the Jaguar.

It also features an upgraded rear wing that has a greater area of effect.

The new front wing has been developed by the Australian company CSL and features a central section that extends from the rear of the car.

It will also extend into the front wing, which will be located just behind the wheel.

It won’t be possible to remove the wing and see its design, but it will be easier to remove one of the panels.

The wings also have a longer span, which means they can be installed more easily in certain circumstances.

The rear wing will also have its centre section angled in such a way that it will help increase the aerodynamic efficiency.

It can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

The wing is also slightly wider than a standard front wing and will have a smaller footprint.

It measures 1.9 metres (6.3 feet) in length.

The centre section of the wing will be at the front of the rear wheel, while the trailing edge is at the rear, the same as the XJ and XJR models.

There are two new headlights, and a new diffuser will help reduce the glare of the road.

The roof of the 2019 model will also feature an updated glass-finish roof.

The headlights are made of glass-reinforced plastic (FRP), which should help improve visibility on the roads.

The wheels are made from aluminium alloy (Al Alloy) and weigh just over 1,200 kilograms (3,800 pounds).

It has an overall length of around 9.7 metres (23 feet), a width of around 2.2 metres (7 feet), and a height of around 1.6 metres (4 feet).

The front and rear wheels are also set back slightly.

The wheelbase will be nearly 20 per cent longer than the previous model.

It is made of aluminium alloy.

The 2020 model will have the same wheels as the 2019, but with the front and back wheels set back in an additional 0.8 metres (3.1 feet).

It is also expected to have the rear wing removed.

The front wheels will be wider, the rear will be longer and there will be a rear spoiler.

The next model in this series is expected in 2021.

It should be an even bigger leap than the 2019.

The top speed is expected at around 180 kilometres per hour (121 mph).

In terms of aerodynamics, the 2018 model will feature a similar shape to the 2019 but will feature front wing mirrors instead of a central wing section.

The aerodynamic shape of the 2018 Bronco sport car will be similar to the design seen on Porsche’s 911 GT3 RS.

In addition to the new front and side wing mirrors, the headlights and diffuser, the 2020 Bronco sports car will also sport a new front spoiler.

This is made up of two pieces of glass that are bonded together.

The diffuser is set back from the outside of the spoiler and is also set at the outside.

There will also likely be an aluminium-fibre spoiler.

Inside, the interior will be unchanged, but the new design features new side skirts that will help improve fuel economy.

The 2018 model’s rear wing mirrors are also longer than a conventional wing and have a wider area of impact.

The width of the side skirts and the area of the impact area are also wider than those seen on some current models.

The two rear wing spoilers will also improve aerodynamics.

The length of the front wings is also increased from about 1.7 meters (6 feet) to 2.5 meters (7.6 feet).

This is similar to what was seen on GT-Rs and the XJs.

The shape of this new wing is similar on the 2019 and 2020 models, although the 2018 is likely to be the last model with the wing that is set on a central segment.

The current version of this car features the same rear wing as on the 2018, but has the front part set on the outside, rather than the central section.

This gives the driver more room

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