What to Do If You Are a Sports Manager Job in 2018 by tmZ Sports Sports management jobs in 2018 and beyond are starting to open up.

The latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that while the number of full-time managers rose slightly in April, they have declined slightly from a year ago.

That’s because more of the jobs are held by part-time or seasonal employees.

In February, there were over 2.3 million full- and part-timers in full- or part-employment.

That number has been falling steadily since May, when there were just under 2.4 million full and part time jobs in full or part employment.

That figure has been rising, too.

In addition to the trend toward part- and full-timing, a lot of the job opportunities are in industries that were not traditionally associated with full-timer jobs.

For instance, part- time positions are now being offered in a variety of industries, such as hospitality, retail, hospitality and food services.

There’s also a huge number of part–time positions in sports management.

This is an area that has been trending downward for a while.

In April, there was just over 1.3 percent of the workforce in full and partial employment.

The last time there was a large number of such positions was in February of 2020, when about 1.6 percent of full and half-time jobs were available.

For most of the last five years, full-and-part-timed sports managers have been in a very strong position.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics has consistently reported that sports managers are among the top jobs in their field.

They are among those managers that are more likely to earn a full-year bonus than part-timer managers and have the most positive performance reviews of their staffs.

The last four years, there have been more full- time and part full-times than there were part- or full-workers in May.

The percentage of fulltime and part part-times has fallen from a high of nearly 9.6% in the mid-2000s to a low of about 5.3% in January of 2021.

The Bureau of Employment and Labor Statistics also reports that there were 7.4 more full and partially employed sports managers in April than there had been in May of 2020.

That is a pretty significant decline.

The trend of a larger portion of full time and partial full-employment sports managers staying at their jobs has been ongoing for a long time, even after the advent of technology, the internet and other technologies.

The BLS data also shows that full- versus part-employees are doing relatively well in the retail sector.

In June, full and partly employed retail workers were more likely than part workers to earn at least $20,000 annually.

In the same month in 2020, part employees were less likely to make that much.

There are a lot more jobs in the hospitality sector than in the sporting realm, and the number is still growing.

The bureau’s data shows that the number has grown steadily in the past decade.

There were almost 12 million full or partial employment hospitality managers in May, which was about the same as in May 2020.

In May, full or partly employed hospitality managers earned an average of $32,900 per year.

That was up from $26,300 in May 2018.

The number of fully employed hospitality workers in April of 2021 was 2.2 million, up from 1.5 million in April 2020.

The increase was largely because part-workers were doing better.

There was a slight decline in the number who were full or partially employed, which is good news for them, too, since they are more than half of the entire workforce in this sector.

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