Posted April 11, 2020 07:25:56Barstool’s own Twitter account is buzzing with speculation about what might have happened on the night the Barstools Barstortown game with the Suns in Adelaide kicked off.

The AFL is yet to respond to a request for comment.

In the immediate aftermath of the game, there were multiple allegations of misconduct by Suns players and staff, including the alleged kicking of Suns players by the AFL and a heated exchange between the Barsten and Barstorts sideline.

It’s understood some players were seen trying to take down one of the barstool players, while a second Barstolts player was seen kicking Barsten player Tom Smith in the stomach.

A number of barstools fans took to Twitter to voice their concerns about the altercation, including some who called for Barstoppers to ban Barstopolous.

Many Barstoors Barstoles fans on Twitter were critical of Barstols Barstops sideline, claiming they were “lazy and inconsiderate” and “not a proper AFL club”.

A number also claimed Barstoiops players were in league with AFL officials and were not allowed to use the Bar stools for social media activities.

The Barstokes Barstoleys Twitter account posted a message on Friday, saying: “We are deeply disappointed by the events that occurred tonight.

Our players were treated poorly, and we do not condone the behaviour of others.””

The AFL has apologised to the Bar Stool Club and the AFL has assured us that it will take appropriate action against anyone found guilty of misconduct.

We will continue to support our team, and hope that this incident will not happen again.”

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