Toyota Supras are getting a new look and look to make them even more appealing to drivers, according to a new report.

The latest models to be painted in black include the Toyota Suprime, which will be the first Toyota to receive the new paint job. 

The car will be available in two versions: a black, one-off model, and a grey, two-tone version.

The new paint will be painted on all four corners of the car, with a red stripe down the middle. 

“Toyota Suprimes are an important part of Toyota’s global car design and have been one of the most recognisable Toyota vehicles since the early 1980s,” Toyota said in a statement.

“The new paint schemes, including the black Supra, will make them look and sound better in real life.”

The black Supras will come with a black paint job, and the grey Supras with a grey paint job are the only two models that will be offered in both the black and grey versions. 

Toyota has previously revealed that the Supra will be in white, but it appears the paint scheme is already in place.

The Supra in black was revealed in October 2015, and it has been the most popular colour for the car ever since.

Toyota said that the new colour scheme is part of a larger effort to improve the look of its cars.

“We are committed to delivering high-quality products that offer exceptional performance and fun in the home and on the road,” the company said.

“As part of our efforts to increase our performance in this arena, we will continue to introduce new paint-scheme options, which we expect will offer an even better-looking and more enjoyable vehicle.”

The new Supra model is the first one to receive a new colour palette, and that is the only one to be offered with a new set of wheels. 

Earlier this month, Toyota revealed a brand new, lighter version of the Supras. 

It will be made of aluminum instead of carbon fibre, and will be priced at around £21,000 ($28,000).

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