A supercar from Subaru’s Japanese rival, Subaru, has won the award for the world’s best sports bike, beating a rival car by a factor of 20.

The Subaru WR10 ST is the second car to win the award, following the Toyota Camry.

The WR10 Sportster is Subaru’s latest entry into the highly-competitive sports car segment, which it entered in 2012 with the WRX STI, which won the crown in 2012.

Its performance is based on the Japanese firm’s sports cars, which combine performance, sporty styling and sporty performance.

The new Subaru WRF10 ST sports car has been designed to be as efficient as possible on road and in the bends, and features a 3.8-litre, four-cylinder engine that produces 360 horsepower.

The ST is powered by a 5.5-litres twin-turbocharged V6, with a peak output of 431 horsepower.

It comes with a five-speed automatic transmission, and comes standard with a 16-inch touchscreen display.

The ST is available with the sporty sport seat and sport interior.

Subaru has a reputation for making a great sports car, and the WR10 is the latest model to be built around the STI name.

However, it has been under pressure from rivals.

The Volkswagen Polo RS, Subaru’s flagship model, was also discontinued in 2017.

“We are proud to introduce the Subaru WR 10 ST as our most ambitious sports car to date,” said Akio Toyoda, Subaru Japan president.

“We’ve built the WR 10 to be the best sports car for all ages and tastes.”

Toyoda added that the WR F series cars would be coming later this year, which could help the company’s image.

“Our focus is on continuing to create a world class sports car brand,” he said.

The 2016 WR10 has been sold in Japan since 2015, and was introduced to the US in March 2018.

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