FOX Sports 1 is set to launch a podcast where the hosts of the NFL are going to share their insights on the sport’s biggest topics.

The network is launching the show after it was revealed in January that the NFL would be making changes to the way it promotes its games over the coming months.

It is believed that the network will be making more of a focus on the game’s main themes such as social media, the NFLPA and the union, instead of just talking about the game.

According to FOX Sports’ executive producer Jeff Eisenberg, the podcast will be aimed at the fan base, not the media, with Eisenberg saying that fans are more likely to watch the podcast because they care about the stories they hear.

“It’s going to be about the NFL, the sport and the game,” he said.

“The league is a much bigger audience than the media.

So when we talk about the league, it’s going be about their fans.

When we talk, we’re going to talk about everything.”

We’ll also get behind the stats, and how the game compares to the NFL itself, Eisenberg said.

The NFL’s biggest stars have all recently shared their thoughts on the current state of the game in the past, but Eisenberg suggested that the new podcast might be different.

“We’ll be going back to where we were five years ago, and we’re really going to look at the league and what the future holds for the league,” he told the New York Times.

“We’ll have a look at how it’s played over the last decade, the last five years and the next five years.”

The NFLPA has been calling for the NFL to make changes to its broadcasts over the past few years, but they have failed to do so.

The union has called for an increase in the number of broadcasters to broadcast the game and has also said that the game should be more about its players, rather than just its stars.

This week, the league’s commissioner Roger Goodell admitted that the league has a “big problem” with its social media strategy.

In response to the latest news, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who has been under fire from fans for his handling of the anthem protests, told reporters on Wednesday that the team was “very focused” on the social media aspect of the league.

“I’m not saying the players are going anywhere,” Goodell said.

“I’m just saying, when you talk about this issue, the players don’t like to be mentioned in the same breath with the NFL.

You know, I’m very focused on the Twitter aspect of it and I think that we’re doing a very good job with that.”

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