Dunhams Sports has put its bicycle shop on the market after more than a decade of business.

The Dunham Sports outlet in the Dúnigh street, on the site of the old Dungan’s bicycle shop, has been bought by owner Tom Dunham, a retired accountant who started the business in 1984.

A key part of the business is the Dunham bicycle, a model which has remained in the shop.

Dunhams founder Richard Dunham is in the process of selling his share of the company to another business which also has a sports equipment store.

The shop is also selling Dunham equipment, such as bikes, helmets and gloves.

Duncan Dunham said he was thrilled to be able to sell his share to a new business.

“I’m very pleased to be buying a business with Dunham,” he said.

“We’ve been in the business for 15 years and have been the only one to have a bicycle shop in Dúnedh, which is about 10 kilometres from where I grew up.”

Dunham, who lives in Derry with his wife Ann, said his main priority was to improve the quality of his products.

“My main goal is to make it as good as possible,” he explained.

“It’s a really important part of my business and the quality is always important.”

Mr Dunham had already started working on the new business and was already busy setting up the new shop.

“Tom is a really nice guy and he’s been in this business for 25 years and he knows his stuff.

He knows the importance of quality.”

The quality of the equipment is always the first priority.

I don’t think it’s something you could get anywhere else.

“If it didn’t work, you could just sell it.

It’s very important.”

Duncan’s bike shop is a popular destination for bike touring and he said he had a lot of experience in the field of bike manufacturing.

“People think I’m a genius but it’s really just a job,” he laughed.

“There are lots of people in the world who are making bicycle parts and they have all the time in the day to do it.”

A lot of people are making bicycles now but I don, I’m an old school guy.

“Bicycle parts are very important for people to get around.

If I had an accident and my bike was damaged, my life could have been ruined.”

Dunlans customers include tourists, families and commuters.

“When I went to Dunlans the first time, the place was packed,” he continued.

“Then I went back and the next time it was packed.”

That’s when the people who went there a few years ago have been coming back.

“In the end, Dunlannans is a very nice place to visit.”

Mr Duncan said he would be looking forward to working with the new owner.

“He’s really nice, very nice, has a good sense of humour, a good heart,” he concluded.

“And he has a very good eye for the customers.”

Dunleith’s Sports, Dunleith, KerryOnline: www.darleithstadium.com.au

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