The NHL lockout is set to go into effect July 1 and will last until the end of the regular season on September 1.

The league and the NHL Players Association reached a tentative deal last week, and now the two sides have to figure out how to move forward without a full-blown lockout.

In other words, we are just waiting for a few things to work out before the start of training camp.

There are still a few weeks until training camp, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some uncertainty surrounding the NHL lockout.

The biggest question facing the NHL is how the league will handle the possibility of a lockout.

According to ESPN’s Adam Rubin, the league is still considering a plan that would allow the players to remain in the playoffs if they want to, but there is a limit on how much money the league can offer to the players.

The players are in a bind.

While the owners are hoping the players will stay in the fold, they’re also trying to avoid having the lockout as a distraction to the league.

The teams in the Western Conference are all tied in playoff positions.

Even though the league has yet to announce the standings, it’s believed the top three teams in each division will play for the conference’s final playoff spot.

If the teams in that division end up in the same conference finals, the team with the best record will take home the championship.

If not, the top team will play in the conference semifinals.

There is a cap of $3.25 million per team that can be contributed to the salary cap each year.

There will be some flexibility in how the cap works for teams that have more cap space than they have, but the league wants to avoid making the league more dependent on players.

In order to help the teams that are tied in the standings make the playoffs, the owners have a plan to pay for the players salary and bonuses, according to ESPN.

The cap will be $71 million this year, $76 million next year, and $82 million in 2019-20.

The next three years, the cap will rise $7.75 million to $80 million, $85 million in 2020-21, and then $89 million in 2021-22.

That means that the teams with the most cap space will be able to keep their players for a certain amount of time.

The cap cap for next season will be set at $80.3 million.

That would be the lowest cap the league’s ever seen, but it will likely increase as the teams increase their cap space, according the league source.

The top-10 teams will be paying $72.75, $72 million and $73 million, respectively.

The lowest-ranked teams, which would likely be the Penguins, Rangers and Stars, would pay $72,000, $75 million and the maximum cap they will pay is $70 million.

The average salary for each player would be $1.75M per year, according ESPN.

There are other factors at play as well.

There has been speculation that the league could try to give the players a little bit more flexibility with the salary caps.

It’s believed that the players could be allowed to negotiate their salaries during the season and not count against their cap, according Sports Business Journal’s Josh Liska.

That is something that the owners don’t want.

There would be some concern that players would get more money than they would have if they negotiated during the regular-season.

There’s a lot more that needs to happen to get a full lockout sorted out.

There have been reports that there will be a trade deadline, but no trade is expected this season.

That leaves the NHL’s players in limbo.

The lockout has left the league in limbo, but teams are in limbo as well, waiting for their contracts to be paid and then hoping for the best for the rest of the season.

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