The NFL Players Association said Thursday that it would file a lawsuit against the NFL, saying that its lawsuit against it will be successful because the NFL’s players’ unions are protected under antitrust law.

The union said in a statement that it was confident that its suit would succeed in convincing the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York that it has antitrust jurisdiction over the NFL and the league’s owners.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in the statement that the union is looking forward to defending itself.

“We believe the evidence presented to us in this matter, and in all other antitrust matters, demonstrates the NFLPA has a strong case,” McCarthy said.

“The NFLPA believes that its antitrust claims are appropriate and merit appropriate review, and we look forward to challenging the NFL in court.”

The NFL said that its claim against the union “will not be successful unless the NFL prevails in this suit.”

The league also said that the lawsuit “will be reviewed by the U:D.C. Court of Appeals for a full ruling on the merits of the case.”

The union has not said what type of legal action it is considering.

Earlier Thursday, the NFL said in its lawsuit that it filed a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission in July, after the NFL Players’ Association filed a similar complaint with a federal court in Chicago.

The lawsuit alleged that the league had failed to properly pay players for the amount of time they played in 2016.

The NFLPA said that it will also file a complaint later in the month with the U,D.T. Court, which oversees antitrust matters.

The U.D.t. is the nation’s second-largest federal court and the only one in the country.

The league is represented by an independent group, led by former Justice Department lawyer Robert Bauer, who is also representing the NFL.

The players union filed a separate lawsuit last month against the NCAA, saying it violated antitrust law by offering financial aid to athletes and other students who enrolled in the school’s sports programs.

The NCAA and the players union have both denied the allegations.

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