A Melbourne man has been sentenced to six months’ jail after he threw a cricket ball through the window of a house where his wife was staying and then killed her.

The 52-year-old, from Westport, had pleaded guilty to the murder of Ms Chisholm in March last year.

The couple had met in 2006, and Ms Chisolm had gone to a nearby house to watch a cricket match.

The pair had planned to spend the night together.

After Mr Thompkins threw the cricket ball into the house, it was thrown through a window into the dining room, where he then fatally stabbed his wife.

Mr Thompsons wife, who has not been named, was taken to hospital with serious head injuries, before dying at the scene.

The court heard Ms Chisinolm, who had been living with her mother, had been suffering from anxiety and depression and struggled to maintain a normal life.

Mr Justice Tom Killeen told the court the murder was a “despicable and shocking” crime.

He sentenced Mr Thomsons wife to a minimum of 12 years, suspended for six years, with the possibility of parole after she completes 200 hours of community service.

Mr Killeeng said there was a real risk of reoffending.

He said it was important for the community to know that there were significant consequences if someone did this again.

He also said Mr Thomas’ remorse and remorse for his actions was “quite extraordinary”. “

I don’t think this is a situation that you can avoid, you need to think about your actions.”

He also said Mr Thomas’ remorse and remorse for his actions was “quite extraordinary”.

“The effect that you have had on the community is that it has led to significant community engagement.”

Mr Thommsons wife was found dead in the bedroom of the home on August 16, after he had left for work.

The man admitted the murder but said he was not responsible.

The case was adjourned until November 27.

Mr Gartland was sentenced to five years and six months in jail, with three years suspended.

He will be eligible for parole after completing 200 hours community service and has no previous convictions.


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