Playtex Sports tampons, a.k.a.

Barstool Sports, is going to be a major player in the presidential election next year.

With $200 million in venture capital backing by Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, Playtex has already become the first sports brand to sign a major political campaign.

The company is also planning a $1 billion investment to help the GOP elect more than a dozen GOP candidates.

And its first big-name endorsement was a $2 million investment by the Clinton campaign in June.

Playtex, which makes the products that go into the sportswear of all kinds, also owns the Texas-based sports apparel company, which also has ties to the Clintons.

But the company’s new interest in politics is a big step up from its normal focus on sports, according to people familiar with the matter.

While Playtex doesn’t yet have a formal political position, the company is betting on Trump, a billionaire who has a history of spending millions on political causes, to become president, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing internal company matters.

PlayTex, which has more than 100 employees, is building a sports-centric company that focuses on marketing, business development and advertising, these people said.

The business is a partnership with The New York Times, the Times reported, citing people familiar.

The Times story said Playtex will work with The Times to promote the presidential campaign and launch its online store, with a focus on politics and social issues.

Trump, the billionaire real estate developer and former reality TV star, has made a splash by launching his own sports brand, The Donald, and has been an enthusiastic supporter of the GOP and Republican candidates.

But he’s also said he’s a political neophyte, and he’s not a fan of the Clintons, whose ties to his foundation have drawn criticism from some Democrats.

In the Times piece, the people said PlayTex has no immediate plans to take a political position.

But a Playtex spokesman declined to comment on that article.

The new relationship with The Donald follows a partnership between Playtex and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Last month, the two companies partnered to develop a new political action committee that will help the campaign raise money.

In June, PlayTex announced a $50 million investment in The Donald and announced plans to add five new partners to its political action network.

Trump has long been an ardent supporter of his presidential bid, having spent years trying to convince others to help him get elected.

But his campaign is now on the defensive as his personal approval ratings plunge.

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper in March, Trump acknowledged that he is “a little bit of a politician,” but said that he’d have to make some “big decisions” on the issue of his candidacy.

In a separate interview, Playtesa chief executive officer Peter Schubert said he has been speaking with the Trump campaign and other prominent Republicans to get them to take him on, but he declined to say whether he’s reached out directly to them.

Playteas partnership with the Hillary Campaign was announced in early June.

The New Yorker reported that Schuert told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, “It’s not just that Donald Trump is a businessman, it’s that he’s been the champion of the poor, the working class, the disadvantaged, people who have suffered in the global economic meltdown.”

Trump has also been accused of using his celebrity and wealth to enrich himself.

In February, The New Republic reported that Trump was paid $15 million to appear at a lavish party hosted by billionaire George Soros, a supporter of Hillary Clinton.

That same month, Bloomberg News reported that Playtex’s former CEO was charged with embezzlement and conspiracy.

In August, The Atlantic reported that one of Playtexs biggest investors, the real estate mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, was indicted on charges of embezlement and money laundering.

In October, Playtea was fined $5 million by a California judge for violating a law requiring political groups to disclose the identities of donors.

Playtesas chief financial officer told Bloomberg News last month that the company has a “zero tolerance” policy for bribery and that it is not interested in engaging in political activity.

Playtech, which was founded in 2000 and operates in nearly 100 countries, employs thousands of people worldwide, including in more than 60 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, according the company.

The Playtex chief executive, Eric N. Storrs, has previously spoken about the company as a leader in sports marketing and in creating new ways to connect with voters, according, to Playtex.

Storbrs told The Atlantic that Playtech had never engaged in political activities and has not endorsed a candidate.

But, he added, Playtech is “very much in the sports business,” which has given it an edge in the marketplace.

“The fact that Playtems political operations is not tied to

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