Former World heavyweight champion David Haye has hit back at Mayweather after the boxer was accused of using a racist slur towards a disabled Black man during an appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Sports Breakfast. 

Haye said on Saturday that he had “never had an encounter like that with a Black person”, as well as calling Mayweather a “racist thug”. 

“He is the same old Mayweather, just like he’s always been,” Haye told the broadcaster.

“He’s got a very bad attitude towards people with disabilities, and I think people should understand that,” he said. 

“It’s an unfortunate situation because I have never had an experience like that.”

The 37-year-old Haye, who fought in a career spanning over 20 years, said he had previously called Mayweather “a racist thug” before he stopped competing in the WBO, which was rebranded to the WBA in 2008.

“When you have the biggest names in the world fighting each other and they’re trying to exploit the problems of people who have disabilities, I’ve always had an issue with it,” he told the BBC.

“It just doesn’t sit right.”

Haye, one of boxing’s most decorated champions, said the recent controversy could have been avoided if he had stopped using racist slurs against Black people.

“If you had the best fighters and you had a sport like boxing, and it was a sport where there was racism, if you had that type of thing, you’d have some good fights,” he added.

“But it doesn’t exist, it doesn, and you’ve got the same type of problems.”

People will say it’s not racist because it’s just a sport, but I’ve never had a confrontation like that. 

He also called Mayweather a bully. 

When Haye was a member of the WBC, he also used a racial slur against a disabled man. 

During his reign as WBA champion, Haye used to use racial slurs against disabled people, with some of his punches being considered racially insensitive by many. 

In 2016, Hayes boxing partner Miguel Cotto was also accused of racial abuse by a member the Boxing Writers Association of America. 

Earlier this month, Mayweather defended himself against accusations that he used racist slurs towards a Black man in a televised interview. 

The boxer was also criticised for claiming he was not racist towards Black people when he made a racially insensitive statement during his victory speech at the UFC 207 pay-per-view.

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