ESPN has decided to fire former chief reporter Adam Schefter after more than a year of criticism, The New York Times reported.

In a statement, ESPN said it had reached out to Schefter for “personal reasons” after he was fired last month, The Times said.

“We are deeply disappointed that Adam Scheft decided to step away from his duties as ESPN’s chief sports writer, which included writing about all things sports for the network,” ESPN said.

The network also said that it had “taken disciplinary action” against Schefter following the Times report.

“Adam Schefter has been suspended indefinitely pending further review,” ESPN wrote.

“This decision is a result of his aggressive reporting, which we believed was too aggressive, and we have taken disciplinary action against him.”

The New York Post reported that ESPN fired Schefter in May, following his report that the NFL’s owners and players had agreed to “pay a $1 billion fine” for defying a federal judge’s order to suspend players’ salary for the 2016 season.

The Associated Press first reported that Schefter had been let go, citing unnamed sources familiar with the situation.

ESPN said on Twitter on Tuesday that Scheft would remain on the network as a sports columnist.

A former NFL reporter, Schefter worked for ESPN for nine years.

He also worked for Fox Sports, which he joined in 2011.

He was previously the managing editor of NFL Media, which is owned by ESPN.

The former ESPN writer was a frequent critic of the network’s reporting, and had a reputation for pushing the network to get tougher on reporting.

ESPN is in the midst of an internal review of how it handled the 2016 investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against former NFL player Ray Rice.

The AP’s sources said Schefter and his team had been fired in part because of their reporting.

They did not identify the specific people who were fired, but the report did not name them.ESPN is in talks with ESPN’s former chief legal officer, Mark Fabiani, about leaving the company to work for a news network, according to the report.

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