‘I don’t have the time’: Huskies coach reacts to injuries

WASHINGTON — The Huskies lost two players to season-ending injuries Sunday, but the team will not be without key contributors from the 2014-15 season.The team announced the suspensions of senior point guard Alex Peters and senior guard Marcus Williams after both were ruled out for the remainder of the season.Williams, a senior, tore his ACL […]

Which sports gear retailer has the most deals?

A few days ago, Jay’s sporting gear had a sale with a $49.99 price tag.Today, the company has sold out of everything on sale.Here’s a look at the deal:Jay’s has been on a tear for a while.The company is now the largest sports apparel retailer in the United States.Last year, it sold more than $1.6 […]

Why is the NBA’s NBA All-Star Game coming to Milwaukee?

In January, the NBA announced the All-Stars would play in Milwaukee on March 15, 2019.Now that the NBA has officially announced the event, here are some reasons why you should consider attending the game.1.All-star weekend will be on the East Coast.It’s the best time to watch the NBA All Star games in the East.The East […]

How to get your next big deal: Here’s how to get a big deal from your local car dealership

In a bid to build loyalty and loyalty-boosting sales from their dealerships, many car manufacturers are investing in the development of new sports car concepts.Here’s a quick guide to get you started.1.The Nissan Skyline The Nissan logo adorns the exterior of the Skyline SUV, a four-door, two-seater sedan with a 6.3-litre V8 engine, powered by […]

NBC Sports Gold is back with more MLB content

NBC Sports has been rolling out more MLB-related content over the last week and it’s not a huge surprise.It was on the agenda last week, but this week was dedicated to MLB Game of the Year, which had been a priority for many months.The sports app’s latest offering, The Complete MLB Game Finder, is available […]

Honda Accord Sport earbud review: ‘It sounds great’

If you have an earbuddy, there is a chance you already own a Bose Sport earphones.If not, you may have a pair of the company’s earbuzzing earphones that were originally designed for sports teams.Those earbuddies can be found for $299 on Amazon.The new Bose EarBuds are one of the biggest earbUDs on the market, and […]

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport has announced it will launch a new app to help viewers track the cars of the new Japanese Outlander Series

A new app for Mitsubishis Outlander series of sports cars has been announced, which lets fans track the performance of each model in a series.The new Mitsubshian Outlander Sports app has been created by Mitsuban.The app will launch in Japanese on August 6, and the first series of the Japanese Outlanders is set to debut […]

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