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SchoolsIND is a online platform for your school, helps in developing your students in multi-sport activities through our AB Schools Experts.

About AB Schools Experts

We AB Schools Experts are leading multi-sport program trainers for children and schools. We currently organize and provide training classes over many schools across India. Our physio-designed program trainers teach children the fundamentals of different sports and develop essential motor skills in a fun, non-competitive environment.

Nowadays games and sports are the pillars of all types of development and growth, especially of children. Sports have many benefits. Apart from improving academic performance, sports are certified to improve teamwork, problem solving skills; bolster immunity, reduce stress, games and sports activities break the ennui of the academics.

However, the unfortunate thing is games and sports are dwindling from our life. Their invaluable place has been usurped by digital, virtual world. As a consequence, the modern generation is facing many health issues. The contemporary generation has become very weak physically, which has weakened other aspects of the overall health.

We AB Schools Experts have experienced and professional B.PEd, M.PEd trainers for all sports. We recruit sports professionals from different organisations & institutions for your schools. We have tie-up with all sports organisations and sports associations throughout India for national and international events.

We proudly say AB Schools Experts children/students won prestigious medals for the Institutions/Schools by participating in many national, international events.

We AB Schools Experts in collaboration with Children Sports Foundation provide free sports services to orphanage children’s to improve and encourage them to play games and sports regularly.

Our AIM is Creating Champions

Football & Cricket
Athletics & Kabaddi
Vollyball & Tug of War
Yoga & Martial Arts


Developing a Sports Awareness and Environment

Multi Sports


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